What is airbrush tanning?


An airbrush tan is an aesthetic service that contains DHA. It refers to the process of applying a 'DHA' based sunless solution to your skin.  Our DHA is a natural sugar compound that reacts with the skins outermost layer to temporarily darken its appearance. The whole process should take 20 minutes and results in a perfect looking tan that will last between 5-10 days.  



How do I prepare for my spray tan?


Exfoliate prior to your appointment to get rid of any flaky or dry skin. The less dead skin on your body, the longer your organic airbrush tan will last.  You should also make sure to shave/wax, get your mani/pedi or any other beauty service prior to your tan.  

The day of your appointment you may shower but do NOT apply moisturizer, deodorant, makeup and perfumes before your tan.  


What should I wear to my Organic Airbrush Tan Appointment?


Comfortable, dark loose clothing.  Doing the tan you may wear a dark coloured swimsuit however, there will be visible and lare tan lines. The attire is at your discretion.


Men, we recommend you bring a dark coloured pair of briefs or swimsuit.




Post Tanning


Allow at least 12-24 hours (the longer the better) after the application for the tan to set in before showering.


*During your first shower you will see colour coming off in the shower.  This is Normal.  It is only the colour guide washing off to reveal your golden tan.  


To prolong the life or your tan moisturize daily with a lotion containing no alcohol.