Watermelon Quartz Bead Bracelet
  • Watermelon Quartz Matte Round Bead Stretch Bracelet Handmade with natural gemstones, these elegant, durable and affordable bracelets have 8mm round beads and a strong elastic cord. They are a perfect way to carry the unique and amazing healing properties of this beautiful gemstone.
    Heart Chakra | Blocks |Balance |Open Heart Reiki|Energy Healing
    Watermelon Quartz is a powerful stone for connecting and opening the heart and heart chakra. Perfect stone to help clear away blockages in the heart and emotions. It is so powerful that it can aid in clearing away blocks in all the chakras. Can help to keep negative emotions and energy away. Can ease feelings of depression as well as facilitate peace. A powerful stone to use in Twin Flame work, attraction of soul mates and deep soul connections. 
    You Receive: 
    ~ 1 Intuitively chosen Matte Pink Watermelon Quartz Bracelet from the same lot as those pictured, 8mm round beads on one size fits most elastic

    Watermelon Quartz Bead Bracelet