Cream Howlite Bracelet
  • Cream Howlite Bracelet | Yoga Meditation Mala | Crystals for Soothing, Calming, Self-Esteem | 8mm Beaded Stretch Bracelet. 
    Howlite is said to be the stone of awareness and is helpful in calming the mind by relaxing the emotions that upset your harried state of mind. 
    Used in Meditation its vibration is quite impressive as it release stress and anxieties.
    It is a wonder stone that and can soften or remove anger or aggressiveness. Howlite can heighten your creativity and boost your desire for self-expression. It’s definitely a great stone to have if you’re seeking inspiration or motivation.
    Your Bracelet will be made with positive intentions, cleansed with sage and charged prior to packaging.

    Cream Howlite Bracelet