Correct+ Peach
  • Carefully formulated to combat blue hued dark circles and spots, this rich formula will block pigmentation with Ferula Foetida, White Tea and Safflower extracts for bright eyes.


    The cleanly formulated, performance-first Correct+ Peach is equal parts skincare and makeup 🍑 Made with a combination of antioxidants, phytonutrients, minerals, fatty acids and vitamins, this skin-reviving corrector helps hydrate, smooth and brighten tired skin with its plant-based blend of ingredients that go beyond camouflaging imperfections. ⁣


    🍑Apply the Correct+ Peach on those stubborn acne scars, sunspots or hyperpigmentation on your face. The creamy formula helps increase firmness of skin, neutralize hyperpigmentation on skin and unwanted spots. For a brightening under eye look, we recommend applying the Correct+ Peach first and then following with the Correct+ Eye Bright.⁣
    Best applied with: Conceal + Correct Brush

    Correct+ Peach

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