My tanned soft skin would like to thank me for going the natural way!

Hollywood, L.A., California…what comes to mind? Beautiful people, and, of course, exposure to sun-tanning conditions all year round! My reality is getting a glimpse of sun here and there for a couple of months, and then it’s back to gloomy days. What if I were to tell you there is a way to look just like your favorite fashionistas with their permanent glow, WITHOUT damaging your skin at a tanning salon or travelling? The answer is Bio Bronze, an organic spray tan, available right here in Montreal and the North Shore!! This organic sunless luxury spray tan and skincare service and products company (wow, try saying that 3 times!), not only makes you look like you live by the beach, but its all-natural and organic products actually make your skin soft, leaving it moisturized, and reduces any of those unwanted signs that you enjoy binge-watching television series while drinking way too much wine…Cellulite, stretch marks, all taken care of by the all-natural ingredients found in the spray tan and products you can purchase. How remarkable is that!? I don’t know about you, but I’ll be tan and feel amazing all year…will you?